something blue ~ shoes

it should be no shock to anyone that my first post official sans*tulle entry would be about shoes. i love them. especially stiletto cockroach-killers. but let's face it, they're a lot easier to look at than to walk in. so this something blue features some rather daring shoes as well as a few that are kinder to your feet.

ohhhhh, i love these. your blue doesn't have to be powdery and soft. it can shout and scream "look at me!!!!" $114

RSVP ice blue metallic. you can find some really amazing deals on they are zappos' outlet site and have great markdowns. $21

i can see these betsy johnsons with an ivory dress for a garden wedding. they're so cute and well, girly. $87

if these had feathery fluffs instead of bows, you could wear them around the house and pretend you're marilyn. see the quilty lining inside? they look really comfy. $50cynthia rowley makes a whole line of wedding shoes...with a blue sole. "tinsel" $222

another dancing-friendly find on baby blue lumiani with a kitten heel. $40 (down from $100)


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November 25, 2008 at 5:27 AM  

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