anti-ankle breakers

God knows I adore pretty shoes. But everyone else knows that quite often, the prettier the shoes, the harder they are to walk in. And shoes tend to make us feel good in one of two ways (and rarely in both): in our heads or in our feet.

For those who cannot bear the pain of standing through an hour ceremony, running down church stairs, walking across fields, and dancing the night away in a pair of 110mm Manolos no matter how amazing they make you look and feel, there must be other options to give you comfort and visual pleasure. I am one who wouldn't make it past "I do" wearing anything over 2", so I feel your pain. So I have a new mission: find gorgeous and practical shoes that are pretty, well made, usable after the wedding, and easily walked in, even after half a bottle of champagne.

I especially like these silver sandals. They'd work under just about anything that's not very formal. With the strap around the back, you don't have to worry about them slipping off your feet while dancing. The design is so clean and simple, it's the next best thing to being barefoot.
For a little sparkle and colour. These would be too cute peeking out of a dress with a lot of poof.

I usually don't advocate shelling out a lot of cash for one-event-only items, but I might make a serious exception and splurge for these Kate Spade slingbacks. Look how pristine that bow is! Very Audrey Hepburn.
Of course, if you don't want to spend $250+, here's a nice Anne Klein version you can find on sale for $49 at My Glass Slipper. (They used to be $249!)

Ooh, comfort AND sparklies! Gold sparklies or silver sparklies...take your pick.
Or you could just go with these. ;)


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