something blue pt deux

it seems those Betsey Johnson shoes were a hit from the comments i've received about them. finding "something blue" beyond the traditional garter or "last resort" pinned-in $60 handkerchief can be a chore to say the least. so i hope you can get some inspiration from the fruits of my internet window-shopping spree in search of the often frustrating "something blue." i've tried to find things that can be worn/used beyond the wedding as well.

freakin' gorgeous. i love the stuff you can find on etsy. these hand-carved bone and blue crystal hairsticks made by lfaigen are perfect for adorning (and securing) your 'do. and the nice thing is lfaigen has been kind enough to post illustrations showing several different ways you can incorporate these sticks into a number of hairstyles.

another Etsy find from ifbdesigns. really sweet adornments for a little sparkle.

there's no law that says your dress has to be white. seriously...ivory, champagne, candlelight, etc are really just very light shades of a why not go with an ice blue? i can see this dress with a delicate bouquet of ivory and creams, peonies and roses...

no one actually needs to see your blue! these Victoria's Secret panties are aptly called "Cheeky."

i'll refrain from any elvis jokes here...but these are pretty cool blue suede shoes. also a bit more manageable than the Betseys. even better, these are on sale! i'm imagining these peeking out from the bottom of a '30s style ivory slipdress with some light ruffles.

of course, if you'd like to actually wear your shoes all day, check out these anti-ankle-breakers by Vigotti.

don't forget blue blooms. blue is the rarest pigment found in flowers and most "blue" flowers are actually lavender or violet. some true blues are hydrangeas, delphiniums, light blue iris, and sweet tiny forget-me-nots.


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